Skin Reset Serum Refill

£75 30mls

Evens Skin Tone

Enhances Complexion

Improve Pigmentation

Carbon number: 7.12 kgCO₂e/litre
Thank you for choosing to purchase a Skin Reset Face Serum Refill pod and keep your packaging in use. By choosing to buy this refill instead of a new jar, you'll reduce your car...
Carbon number: 7.12 kgCO₂e/litre

Thank you for choosing to purchase a Skin Reset Face Serum Refill pod and keep your packaging in use. By choosing to buy this refill instead of a new jar, you'll reduce your carbon footprint by 74.7%. Please remember not to throw out your empty pod - simply pop it out and send it back to us (using our free returns label) to be sterilised and refilled through our circularity initiative - Beauty Circle.  Learn how to refill your products here.

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Agree that their pigmentation has reduced since using Skin Reset Serum


Agree that they want to continue purchasing Skin Reset Serum

Source: Consumer Survey July 2022. Based on 39 respondents.

“Skin Reset has reached the ultimate cult status for its science-backed and results-oriented performance.”

Skin Reset Serum Refill

How to Refill and Routine

Peel the seal off the refill pod, and lock this into your Skin Reset Face Serum refillable jar.

After cleansing, apply 1 - 1.5 pumps of Skin Reset Face Serum, morning and night. Massage into face and neck. Apply sunscreen after Skin Reset Face Serum in the morning.

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Emma's Tips

Clinical Testing and Ingredients

Emma Lewisham's Physiology Synchrony Unlock Method™ is our proprietary skin-first formulating philosophy, which blends up to 25 scientific ingredients that are selected for their proven effect on the skin. The true breakthrough happens when these ingredients work in symphony across multiple skin pathways to unlock transformational results.

Our formulations are fundamentally different. Uniquely developed by scientists and physiologists with over 100 years combined experience, our formulas are engineered with up to 25 meticulously chosen ingredients that are individually efficacious, but in combination amplify each other to provide three-dimnesional, next generation results.

The most powerful way to interact with the skin is naturally, therefore we only use natural ingredients, harnessing both bio-identical ingredients found within the skin as well as the specialised, scientifically proven natural plant extracts. These bio-active ingredients work in harmony with the skin to trigger powerful cellular responses that deliver unparalleled results.

While our ingredients are natural, naturally derived and nature identical, we recommend doing a patch test or consulting your medical practitioner before using any new skincare product, particularly if you have sensitive skin or allergies.

Clinical Testing Results Arrow

  • 88% of women noted no new pigmentation appeared on their skin*
  • 77% effective at improving the appearance of pigmentation*
  • Proven to outperform the most recognised brightening cosmetic products on the market**
  • Source:*Independent subjective survey results after 12 week scientific study (2018)
    **Independent in-vitro test (2020) investigating the inhibition of melanin synthesis by human melanocytes

    Ingredients Arrow


    End-To-End Pigmentation Reduction: Patented plant stem cell extracts and advanced bioavailable Vitamin C act to reduce the skin's production of melanin, while niacinamide deters pigment that does manage to form from transferring to your skin’s surface.

    All Day Activity: Powerful duo, advanced bioavailable Vitamin C and ergothioneine, provide prolonged activity on the skin. This pair works in combination, with ergothioneine demonstrating an ability to restore Vitamin C to its active state, allowing it to ‘recharge’ and continue its superior efficacy for longer.

    Ingredients List

    Aloe barbadensis leaf juice • Aqua / water / eau • Glycerin • Niacinamide • Coco-caprylate • Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate • Cetearyl olivate • Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil • Sorbitan olivate • Glyceryl stearate citrate • Cetearyl alcohol • Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil • Prunus armeniaca kernel oil • Euphorbia cerifera cera • Sodium hyaluronate • Ergothioneine • Achillea millefolium flower / leaf/ stem extract • Alchemilla vulgaris flower / leaf/ stem extract • Melissa officinalis leaf extract • Mentha piperita leaf extract • Veronica officinalis flower / leaf/ stem extract • Camellia oleifera seed oil • Glycyrrhiza glabra root extract • Rosa canina fruit oil • Mannitol • Primula veris extract • Malva sylvestris flower / leaf/ stem extract • Vitis vinifera seed oil • Leontopodium alpinum flower/leaf extract • Xanthan gum • Glyceryl caprylate • Parfum (fragrance) • Benzyl alcohol • Dehydroacetic acid • Citronellol • Linalool • Geraniol • Eugenol • Benzyl salicylate

    White Paper Arrow

    Read our white paper for comprehensive information about this specific product formulation.

    Read the white paper

    Sustainability and Refills

    All Emma Lewisham products are Toitū Climate Positive certified PAS 2050 and are designed to be circular. Through our global circularity programme, ‘Beauty Circle’, we take back all of our used packaging to be refilled or recycled.

    Carbon number:7.12 kgCO₂e/litre.

    Repurchasing Skin Reset? By choosing to buy this refill instead of a new jar, you'll reduce your carbon footprint by 74.7%.

    Read our detailed packaging information.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    The fact she has thought about sustainability is a game changer

    Oh I love Emma Lewisham skin care. She really does have a beautiful product and the fact she has thought about sustainability is a game changer. You can buy refills for all her products which reduces packaging waste and you can return the empty plastic packing to source too. Helps that the products work a dream too. Love it!

    Favorite product

    I've been using this product for a few years and will continue doing so. Does what it says. Noticeable difference

    Louisa Dallow
    Gorgy product that my skin craves

    Been using EM for over three years, a beautiful product which is part of my daily routine

    Janet Hunt
    Reset serum

    I have been using this ever since it became available here in Wellington - must be two years ago at least! It has made a big difference to my skin especially helping with age/sun spots. My dermatologist calls them wisdom spots! The serum is great to use and feels lovely on your skin. I love getting the refills too. Thanks Emma 😊

    Lauren Jones
    Easy to refill

    The refill was easy to put in to the container, thank you for helping me reduce waste while still having such excellent skincare. Love it!

    Magic in a jar!

    I have been using this magical reset serum for a few years now and can honestly say I’ve never seen such a noticeable difference to my skin from ANY product I’ve used. It’s evened out my skin pigmentation and leaves my skin smooth, plump and glowing. My go to skincare product.

    Karen W
    Super Serum is a Winner

    This serum has been fantastic for my skin. I have noticed that the brown sun spots on my face have faded since I started applying the serum every day. It’s an essential part of my routine and makes my mature skin feel amazing. I love the whole range of Emma Lewisham products.

    Pamela Todd
    Product we all love and use

    I have loved this product since I first started using it two years ago. I now take refills over to Australia for my daughter. This time I had to add one for her partner as he loves it too. They both love the sleeping mask as well. Skin rest has done so much for my 74 year old skin.

    Paigan Jones
    Never going back

    I first tried Emma Lewisham when I developed eczema in pregnancy and tried every possible eczema treatment on the market with no success. Decided to try Emma Lewisham and I’m never going back! Skin reset is my favourite - leaves the skin so smooth, even and glowing, 100% worth it’s weight in gold

    Cannot live without this now

    Having recently moved countries my skin was the worst it had been and my confidence and mood was taking a hit as a result of it. Bouncing around multiple different products trying to fix it I decided to go back to Emma Lewisham’s full skincare regime and I’ll never purchase anything else again. My skin has bounced back and is looking better than ever, a big factor being the Skin Reset Serum. It has cleared up my dermatitis, cleared my acne scarring and is keeping my pigmentation at bay in this new climate. My skin is in such good condition that I’m now at a point where I don’t need to wear makeup. Trust the process, especially this one! 🧡