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Through our circularity programme ‘The Beauty Circle’ we take responsibility for everything we produce by taking back our used packaging, to be either sterilised and refilled.
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Emma Lewisham was founded to set a new benchmark in beauty. To provide skincare that has a positive impact on your skin, your wellbeing and your planet.

We care deeply about ensuring that our children can enjoy Mother Nature - clean and beautiful, just as we have. Therefore, it is our mission to lead a movement towards circular, climate positive and transparent beauty, where refilling, returning empties and regenerating the earth are simply responsible business.

Reducing waste is the biggest challenge the beauty industry faces. It is estimated that alone, the beauty industry is responsible for over 100 billion units of waste every year, making single use packaging the biggest contributor of carbon emissions in the industry. However, there is a solution.

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“By moving the beauty industry towards a circular model of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’, carbon emissions could be reduced by up to 70%”

The answer lies in circularity. By moving the beauty industry towards a circular model of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’, carbon emissions could be reduced by up to 70% while simultaneously eliminating billions of units of packaging waste every year.

We must depart from the existing linear model of ‘take, make, waste’ and embrace a circular model of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’.

We are passionate about leading this movement towards circular beauty and setting a new benchmark in what it means to be truly sustainable. We believe in taking ownership and responsibility for everything we produce, with all of our products designed to be circular.

Through our global circularity programme, ‘Beauty Circle’, we take back all of our used packaging to be refilled or recycled - a world first in beauty.

We want to leave our planet better than we found it. With the imminent impact of climate change, we believe that the prosperity of our business should be used to positively impact the prosperity of our planet.

Therefore, as part of our commitment to creating a positive impact, we are Climate Positive certified at a product level.

Meaning that after reducing our carbon emissions as much as possible, we then offset more than what remains in order to not just neutralise our impact - but create a positive one.

We promise to be transparent in all aspects of our business

We promise
to be
transparent in
all aspects of
our business

Alongside our circular and carbon positive path, we believe that in order to create an industry where there is honesty and accountability, there must also be transparency. We promise to be transparent in all aspects of our business - from our ingredients and suppliers, to our sustainability initiatives and the way that we conduct business. We hope that through this ‘Spearheading Sustainability’ section of our website, we can support you with all the information you need to feel educated and empowered.

We are dedicated to defining a new normal through finding the best ways of doing things both by people and the planet. We are driven to always be better, and do better - through improving ourselves, our business, our community and our planet. And, while pioneering a better way, we promise to share our knowledge with any business or individuals who ask, as a solution shared is a problem halved - and we know that driving change cannot be done alone.

Download our Sustainability Strategy

If you are reading this, or looking at the state of our world and feeling overwhelmed - know that you are not alone. And perhaps, like us, you can find comfort in knowing that creating positive change simply takes one passionate person at a time, choosing to embody the change that they wish to see. And person by person, slowly but steadily - a movement grows - a movement that has the power to change the world. Thank you for caring, for wanting to be and do better, for joining our movement.

Thank you for helping us set new benchmarks in beauty - in order to bring about a truly beautiful beauty industry.

With love always,